Efficiency in Maintenance & Planning: Expertise will Save you Time and Money

Efficiency in Maintenance & Planning: Expertise will Save you Time and Money

Ground time is detrimental to an aircraft Operator.

In order to gain highest return on investment, an operator aims to keep their fleet flying. Flight time and profit are directly related, after all an aircraft will only render money while it is flying.

Operators dream of an ideal aircraft that keeps flying to satisfy the entire operation demands round the clock. However, in reality, an aircraft is a complex machine demanding regular attention and maintenance.

Co-ordination and support involve planning, scheduling, record keeping and continuing airworthiness compliance requiring meticulous dedication and extensive time. The proper execution of continuing airworthiness compliance and support is valued when considering the consequences and financial impact of poor coordination and poor planning.  Careful Maintenance Planning and cautious Continuing Airworthiness Management contribute to the achievement of high standard goals. 

3PLEX AERO has a spotless track record of offering our support to emerging aircraft operators with limited resources and adding our expertise in Maintenance Planning and Continuing Airworthiness Management.

Our aim is to offer cost effective solutions to Operators by providing support in maintenance management projects.

Airworthiness Consultants

Aviation is an industry that constantly strives to improve safety. Engine & part manufacturer’s regularly send updates to airplane operators about newly discovered issues that need to be addressed through maintenance. These Airworthiness Directives (AD) are sent to all operators and third-party agencies by regulatory bodies such as EASA. Such safety notifications on the airframe, engine and appliances are received on a regular basis – and thus every affected operator/s is obliged to adjust their maintenance programs accordingly.

Custom Built AMP to Minimise Ground-time

The simplest solution to this sheer amount of planning is to create a highly refined Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP); AMPs define and schedule the necessary maintenance that an operator must perform in order to ensure their craft’s continued airworthiness.

All aircraft need to have an AMP, but the quality and thoroughness of the document can vary. It’s important to keep a few factors in mind when dealing with the creation of AMP’s:

  • How cost-effective is the program?
  • Does it minimise ground-time?
  • What is the AMP creator’s level of expertise?
  • Is it considering all relevant AD’s?

For a smaller aircraft operator, or private individuals with single aircraft – finding an AMP specialist that focuses on efficiency can be a challenge. This is why third-party aviation organisations exist, to help ease the pressure off of operators in an efficient and affordable manner.

Work with 3PLEX AERO

If you’re an aircraft operator in Europe and need assistance keeping your overhead costs to a minimum, get in contact with 3PLEX AERO today. Our team offer a number of consultancy services drawn from over 50 years of experience in the industry. We are experts in the creation of custom AMP, as well as any asset management or records-keeping you require.

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You can e-mail us at info@3plex.aero, call us on +356 2754 3212, or click here to fill in our contact form. Our Gudja office is located near the Malta International Airport.

A look into Engine Trend Analysis

A look into Engine Trend Analysis

Engine Trend Analysis is one of the most useful services 3PLEX AERO offers to its clientele. This service can reduce overhead maintenance costs, save time, and help prevent grounding due to technical failure at key moments.

The Basics

Functionally, Engine Trend Analysis allows us to identify problems within an engine before they happen.

Engine Trend Analysis is a method of assessing the health of an engine over time. Over the course of a month we gather information on a number of parameters within an engine. We then compare that month’s analysis against previous month’s, as well as data provided by the engine manufacturer. By collating this information, we can notice if any parameters are dipping into dangerous territory, or if any worrisome patterns are emerging.

3PLEX AERO then suggests specific maintenance the operator can perform to prevent a problem from developing, saving both time and money.

Why Bother?

The engine is the most expensive component of any aircraft, and one of the most complex. Proper maintenance and care of an engine is vital to the continued airworthiness of your aeroplane. However, apart from standard life limited parts, it can be difficult to know how frequently or thoroughly an engine needs maintenance, and over-maintaining can be extremely expensive. On the other hand, under-maintaining an engine could lead to your aircraft suffering a component failure – or in worst case scenarios, fail altogether and need replacing.

Engine Trend Analysis allows operators to find a healthy balance, and save themselves both hassle and money. The last thing anyone wants is a critical engine failure during peak season, especially if that failure could have been predicted!

Further Information

When compiling an engine trend analysis report, 4 major parameters are used to assess the basic health of an aircraft engine. These are known as:

  • Delta Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)
  • Delta Core Speed
  • Delta Fuel Flow
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature Margin (EGTM)

Based on how these parameters behave, one can identify and assess if the engine is deteriorating in a normal manner and potentially spot a component failure.

Other key parameters used to further investigate the engine’s health are:

  • Oil Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • Fan Vibration
  • Core Vibration

With these additional parameters, the report can further identify any specific on-going issue

Engine Trend Analysis ultimately helps the customer forecast what needs to be performed and save them from potential financial burdens!

Engine Trend Analysis specialist at 3PLEX AERO

Interested in Engine Trend Analysis?

The engine is the heart of your aircraft, and engine health should be treated with all the seriousness of heart health. If the heart has problems, then the whole body will suffer, and improper care of your engine can cause an unwanted chain of events to your entire aircraft.

Are you interested in increased safety and reducing maintenance costs?Click here to contact 3PLEX AERO today for more information and benefit from our services.

Welcome to 3PLEX AERO

Welcome to 3PLEX AERO

Welcome to 3PLEX AERO, Malta’s premier aircraft asset management provider. 3PLEX AERO is a professional and customer-oriented organisation that’s been working in the aviation industry for 6 years. 3PLEX is currently in the process of updating its online presence, making it simpler for airline operators to find and make use of our services.

Comprehensive Suite of Aerospace Assistance

We are an EASA approved CAMO plus organisation, having an extensive portfolio and can offer a wide range of services such as:

  1. Support with the start-up and operation of AOC/CAMO for commercial and private operations
  2. Airworthiness Management of aircraft
  3. Creation of customised maintenance programs
  4. Import/Export Management
  5. Assistance with the purchase or sale of an aircraft

Every service is delivered to the highest possible standards of transparency, accountability and integrity – leading to long term partnerships as a result of excellent service and expertise delivered.

Client-oriented & Cost-effective

As a third party organization, 3PLEX AERO works for a wide range of companies such as Airline Operators, Leasing companies, Financiers etc. As your maintenance management partner, 3PLEX AERO will provide customer focused services designed to help improve process, increase safety and reduce costs within your business.

A Proud Maltese Business

Based in Malta and operated by trained experts, we pride ourselves on being an outlet for local talent in aerospace engineering. We bring the Maltese values of hospitality and passion to our work, and to our clients. Our main office is located in Gudja, a short drive away from the Malta International Airport.

Expertise Guaranteed.

Our success is all due to our amazing team, composed of highly respected aviation professionals, each having a track record of successful project delivery.

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Or contact us on +356 (0) 2754 3212. Or e-mail us at info@3plex.aero