Welcome to 3PLEX AERO

Welcome to 3PLEX AERO

Welcome to 3PLEX AERO, Malta’s premier aircraft asset management provider. 3PLEX AERO is a professional and customer-oriented organisation that’s been working in the aviation industry for 6 years. 3PLEX is currently in the process of updating its online presence, making it simpler for airline operators to find and make use of our services.

Comprehensive Suite of Aerospace Assistance

We are an EASA approved CAMO plus organisation, having an extensive portfolio and can offer a wide range of services such as:

  1. Support with the start-up and operation of AOC/CAMO for commercial and private operations
  2. Airworthiness Management of aircraft
  3. Creation of customised maintenance programs
  4. Import/Export Management
  5. Assistance with the purchase or sale of an aircraft

Every service is delivered to the highest possible standards of transparency, accountability and integrity – leading to long term partnerships as a result of excellent service and expertise delivered.

Client-oriented & Cost-effective

As a third party organization, 3PLEX AERO works for a wide range of companies such as Airline Operators, Leasing companies, Financiers etc. As your maintenance management partner, 3PLEX AERO will provide customer focused services designed to help improve process, increase safety and reduce costs within your business.

A Proud Maltese Business

Based in Malta and operated by trained experts, we pride ourselves on being an outlet for local talent in aerospace engineering. We bring the Maltese values of hospitality and passion to our work, and to our clients. Our main office is located in Gudja, a short drive away from the Malta International Airport.

Expertise Guaranteed.

Our success is all due to our amazing team, composed of highly respected aviation professionals, each having a track record of successful project delivery.

Contact Us

To learn more about our services, please click here.

Or contact us on +356 (0) 2754 3212. Or e-mail us at info@3plex.aero

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